- GNA GNA Jun 10, 2009

Connecticut District Tosses Algebra Textbooks and Goes Online

Westport teachers were frustrated at having to rush through the curriculum only to find students didn’t grasp important concepts, so they created their own online program.

Program Helps Military Veterans Become Schoolteachers

John J. Paulson commanded the submarine USS Philadelphia as it glided through the Atlantic Ocean at the height of the Cold War. He has been shot at by pirates. And he was part of a military team that in the 1990s forecast the devastation a nuclear bomb would cause in various scenarios.

- GNA GNA Jun 3, 2009 You might've already noted at the ^^top border^^ of each wiki page are a couple of useful tabs like the "Discussion" tab. A great place if you have specific content-related Qs pertaining to that specific page. Also a "notify me" tab which will email you when a page has been modified. This might be useful for the weekly read & write, if you want to keep up that way. Or... you can check out the "Recent Changes" link on the left hand margin of the page. This will point you to the pages w/ the most recent updates. Word.

- GNA GNA May 26, 2009
Just got word from Monica G. that the W. Hartford cafeteria will NOT be serving food this year! Bring your needed nourishment(s) accordingly because we will be taking working lunches, or 30-40min lunches. Based on experience with traffic around campus, this does not leave time to get off campus and back (we could petition for a high-speed hovercraft).

- GNA GNA May 19, 2009
We can sign and date all edits we make to the wiki by inserting four tilde (~) at the beginning of our posts. I just figured this out myself! Also, when you begin to edit content pages, place your new content on the top of the page or directly next to the relevant bit of information you are addressing. I'm certain other ways of organizing information will evolve organically through our usage of the wiki. GG

May 19, 2009 -- Shop competitively for your book. I heard the bookstore might have it for cheaper.

May 4, 2009

  1. The main text for the course is: Goodman, G. S. (Ed.). (2008). Educational psychology: An application of critical constructivism. New York: Peter Lang.
  2. Bring with you to our first class meeting:
  • Printed copies of the preparation Read & Write
  • Textbook
  • Laptop (power cord)
  • Notebook or journal with at least 50 clean pages to dedicate to our course
  • Lunch and snacks (you will need plenty of energy)
  • Sweater/sweatshirt if you tend to be cold in AC (more relevant as the temperature approaches 1000 degrees this summer!)