An amazing example of collaborative learning in action. POINT TO PONDER: What's the difference between collaborative learning and cooperative learning?

Developmental Psychology Image Bank (from McGraw Hill Publishers) has lots of helpful diagrams, taken from their textbooks, related to developmental and learning theory. Check this one out. It provides a great visual of what we've been attempting in class together.

We've got this on lock down!

- GNA GNA Jun 14, 2009 Teacher Problem Finding

- GNA GNA Jun 8, 2009 Emotional Intelligence

- GNA GNA Jun 5, 2009 Cooperative Learning in practice within the context of PK-12 learning yet when watching the video below I was strongly reminded of what many of you addressed in your WK1 T2P essays.

The number one theme of the week among both groups was collaboration and group work. You expressed heightened levels of engagement with the content and socially; and through the authentic assessments, the learning concept maps for example, you demonstrated productivity, critical thinking, and involvement. The exact same outcomes described by the teachers and administrators in the video. Coincidence?

Point to Ponder [P2P]: What are some of the core constructs of these educators' definitions/theories of how people learn?

- GNA GNA May 19, 2009 PBL (project based learning) used in a HS geometry classroom; also demonstrates authentic assessment.

Point to Ponder [P2P]: What other theories/concepts relevant to how people learn are evident in the collaborative teaching and learning of Ms. Reeder, the students, and the architects?